DRINKLAB is an independent craft distilling company founded by Brock Shepherd and Dimitri van Kampen. 

Brock Shepherd


Co-Founder + Director of Liquid Alchemy

For more than 20 years, Brock has helped reimagine the food and drink scene in Toronto, leading the cocktail Renaissance and molecular mixology movement, advocating organic and locally sourced foods, brewing handcrafted beers at the craft brewery he founded, and curating local craft beer programs. In addition to DRINKLAB, Brock is also the founder of Trashed & Wasted as well as Toronto's Kensington Flea Market and Rice Bar.


Dimitri van Kampen

Co-Founder + Chief Drinks Officer

Dimitri is a self-described adventurer and craft beer and spirits evangelist. He is a beer architect and drinks designer with a passion for creating off-the-hook beverages that challenge the status quo. Before DRINKLAB, Dimitri founded a successful Ontario craft brewery, creating and designing the company’s initial line of award-winning brands.